Rabu, 26 April 2017

AC Milan was beaten Empoli 1-2 Whereas Game Brilliant Gianluigi Donnarumma

Classy action yet again shown the young AC Milan Goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. Donnarumma rescue krusias performed together with Milan in a League match on Sunday Empoli cons (23/4/2017). Then, a player Empoli escaped from the custody of the AC Milan defender and penetrates into the penalty box.
Shots were fired from a close range, but with alacrity Donnarumma stop him. The ball bounced just high of the goal. Alas, stylish action Donnarumma not able to bring Milan win. In a match held at the San Siro was Milan lost with a score of 1-2.

AC Milan lost the first game since Silvio Berlusconi is no longer so the owner when it lost 2-1 from Empoli at home on my own. Early last week, Berlusconi pulled off the rest of its shares to a consortium led by China's Li Yonghong. In the hands of Li Yonghong, Milan 2-2 Inter opponent just played before humiliated Empoli 2-1. In the match held at the San Siro Milan even lags 2-0 first.

Milan 0-1 left behind after the attacker Empoli origin Georgia, Levan Mchedlidze, break down the goalpost at minute 40 Donnarumma forward three balls from Omar El Kaddouri. AC Milan Squad have kesmepatan gold to equalize from the penalty point after Mario Pasalic violated Lukasz Skorupski minutes 59. It's a shame penalty kick taken Suso successfully blocked Empoli goalkeeper.

Empoli is precisely add excellence to become 2-0 after cross Marco Zambelli forwarded Massimo Maccarone almost equalised to Mame Baba Thiam who conquered AC Milan's goalkeeper at minute 67. AC Milan had a chance to minimize failed to become 2-1 late goal Gianluca Lapadula who continued the bait breakthrough Jose Sosa at minute 72.

This defeat forced AC Milan held six ranking in the standings temporarily with 58 points, the difference between two numbers from their city rivals Inter Milan, who is ranked seven.
As for the Empoli remained in the top 5 with 29 points, winning five digits from Crotone in position 18 zones of degradation.

Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

Mourinho Will Not Be Tangisi The Absence Of Player MU

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, insists he would never cry over players are absent, after Ander Herrera got the red card when the team lost to Chelsea last night.

Spain expelled player referee after receiving a second yellow card in minute 35 CAL United lost to Chelsea's FA Cup quarter-final round at Stamford Bridge and he will be absent for two matches in the domestic competition.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was also absent in the game last night, because he got a three-game penalty after Tyrone Mings menyikuti at Old Trafford earlier this month.

"We're not going to cry. No one saw us cried this time, because we don't have the Squad, or any other player. No one will see us crying, "Mourinho said according to the official Club.

United will now focus their attention on the game's second leg of the Europa League round of 16 against Rostov, where they will entertain opponents at Old Trafford, after earlier 1-1 draw in Russia.

"We have a very important match on Thursday and we wanted to rest a little to prepare the team as best as possible. That's the most important thing now. "

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Offside-Chelsea match last night made by N'Golo Kanté.

Hazard a few times getting the infringement of opponents, along with the United effort to minimise the threat of Belgium players. Defender Phil Jones was instructed to keep tight the winger, while Ander Herrera red player after twice breaking the former Lille in the first half.

Conte looks very angry with the treatment received by the Hazard and he was Buffalo's mouth with Manager Jose Mourinho on the sidelines.

After the game, the guy that Italy praised the Hazard, which continued to perform despite tough physical contact kept getting from the players.

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Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Ter Stegen Ask Supporters Not Scorn Barcelona Team

Barcelona's goalie, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, asking supporters of his team not to insult the team, who are in difficult conditions.

Despite a 2-1 win over Leganes in the early days of the League, the Catalan team takes a penalty in the 90th minute from Barcelona to reach three figures.

In addition, Barca, Enrique, and also some of the players, get the whistling from supporters who are in Camp Nou, after they were dissatisfied seeing Games team, previous post also lost 4-0 away from PSG in the UEFA Champions League.

TER Stegen admitted that his team are indeed central entered a period of difficult, but asked the supporters gave moral support, instead of making the situation became increasingly negative.

"I cannot understand the anger of the fans. Everyone was trying to give my best, "said Ter Stegen on ESPN.

"The most important Thing is to support us in the moment after we lost in Paris. Barcelona Players Wages We need supporters, especially at home. We win and lose together. "

"This has become a difficult week for everyone, no doubt. The most important thing is we won and it makes us confident. There's always that can be fixed, but it's natural in football. "

Luis Enrique criticized its supporters who denounced the Barcelona games when they won 2-1 over Leganes early Sunday.

Lionel Messi scored two goals, including a penalty in the 90th minute, to earn victory for the Catalan team, but they still do not appear impressive, after last week's 4-0 defeat of PSG in the UEFA Champions League.

Despite being able to take note of the good start in the match against Leganes with Messi opener in the 4th minute, the fans seem to still not satisfied with the performance of the players and also the Manager of Barca.

The team earned several times whistling, and Andre Gomes became one of the most often targeted.

Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

Football Players News : Inter Want To Sign Gabriel Jesus

Manchester City - Former Inter President, Massimo Moratti, revealing that Gabriel Jesus already made it back to love soccer, and asked the Serie A team to recruit players of Brazil.

Jesus shows his impressive performance since joining Manchester City from Palmeiras, scoring three goals in five matches before the injury.

Moratti admitted that he made was impressed with the performance of players 19 years so far, and think of Jesus could be stars like Lionel Messi.

The oil entrepreneur that has headed Inter between 1995 until 2013, but he still often observe the actions of the team's football Stefano Pioli.

"He made me love football again," said Moratti on Sky Sport Italy.

"Every time you need new players like him to lure back your passion and Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City, to me, is you have to get the players."

"Messi is indeed very good, but its hard to get it. But when you look at the players who have a lot of potential-and who knows great things he could do in the future. For me, Jesus is one of the players. "

Gabriel Jesus suffered injuries severe enough so that must be absent in quite a long time. This upgrade for Manchester City striker, hit by a metatarsal injury while City a 2-0 win over Bournemouth in the 25th week of the League United Kingdom Manchester City Players Salary.

The injury reportedly forced Jesus should be absent until the end of the season. City ever confirm Brazil origin players seriously injured.

The club invited the party one of the most well-known sports doctor in Brazil, Marco Aurelio Cunha, for talking about the injury. He's the physician who now works for the Brazil Football Federation.

Manchester City will use knowledge Marco to explain how players can be treated and why it takes so much time to recover.

"This fracture is very disturbing. Because if they have a distance between the focus and the remaining bone fracture healing, eventually became a long time, "said Marco

"In order for healing is not in doubt, the operations selected at once. However, it takes more time, but you have the guarantee of results. "

These injuries were like blows away to Jesus who was just starting his career. He joined City in January transfer stock from Palmeiras.

No responsibility-responsibility, brilliance of Jesus on the front lines making a Sergio Aguero sweet must sit the bench. City Manager, Pep Guardiola opted to Jesus to be the spearhead.

Jesus has scored three goals in three appearances made Manchester City before the match against Bournemouth. Resounding performance indicated Jesus make Brazil national team legend, Ronaldinho, calling it will be so the best players of the world.

Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Football News : Bayern Munich Never Underestimate Arsenal

Bayern Munich News - February 16, Bayern Munich will entertain Arsenal in the Champions League knock out round of the 2016/17. Although more seeded, Bayern do not want to underestimate the potential team Premier League.

"I think it will be very difficult," said the Bayern Munich winger, Arjen Robben to TZ.

"We will meet trouble against teams like Arsenal if it doesn't improve performance. We still have many things to be done, "he said.
Bavaria is indeed quite seeded ahead of a match against Arsenal. The reason, they will play in the enclosure itself i.e. the Allianz Arena. In addition, the participation of Bavaria in the Champions League in the last few seasons is also quite flashy.

Robben is convinced that Arsenal is a formidable opponent. Robben is Bayern perform better again ahead of a match against Arsenal. According to him, the Arsenal is a very organized team.

"We have to be more calm, play more organized and have better control. We should increase on all lines and must make all becomes easier. Bayern Munchen Squad Players We should not be satisfied with just a victory, "Frank Robben.

Carlo Ancelotti says that winter pause in the Bundesliga will give you an advantage in Bavaria Munich, lobbed the round of 16 of the Champions League against Arsenal next month.

Brings target to win the League for the fifth straight time this season, Bayern appear less impressive when subjecting Werder Bermen and Freiburg, in two games after a long break in the Prime winter season.

However, Ancelotti believes that his team have in better shape ahead of the match against Arsenal.

"The winter Pause clearly gives us an advantage," said Ancelotti on the Kicker. "Just like the fact that we only played 34 matches in the Bundesliga, instead of 38 in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy."

"In addition, there is no winter pause in the Premier League. There are two domestic Cup competitions to be played there-more matches mean more danger of injury to the players. "

Arsenal now sit in its own ranks two standings while the Premier League and will play against Watford in the domestic League this weekend.

Minggu, 29 Januari 2017

Atletico Squad Bad Play, Atletico Madrid Must Defeat

Atletico Madrid Squad - Atletico Madrid for the third time consecutively fails to grab the victory. A trip to the headquarters of Deportivo Alaves advanced on La Liga (28/1), Los Colconeros are only capable of playing a goalless draw.

These results make coach Diego Simeone was disappointed. He assesses his army playing Alaves and perform better. In fact, he should assess the Atletico loses on this game.

"Alaves are superior, especially in terms of intensity," Simeone.

"We get one point, which is indeed better than what could happen on a match like this. This is not generally a good match but we will try to make an improvement on the next match. "

Simeone deplored the failure of Nicolas Gaitan to convert opportunities into goals. He also explained the reason why pulling out Yannick Carassco and put Fernando Torres. Carassco after drawn angry on the bench are known.

"Nica Gaitan had chances cleanly, but goalkeeper fella has a very decisive reaction. Carassco play like like the whole other team members, we should be even better, "said Simeone.

A fierce battle took place between Deportivo Alaves against Atletico Madrid on Sunday the 20th La Liga, Saturday (28/1). The heat of tensi matches can be seen from each other the saliva action undertaken by two players from their respective camps.

The two players involved in the action at each other the saliva is Alaves, Atletico Madrid with Captain Deyverson, Diego Godin.

The duel between the two players this has happened since the beginning of the game. Understandably, Atletico Madrid Squad both of which face each other directly as a striker with a defender. Several times both looked at each other with arguments.

Deyverson and Godin had involved strife at the end of the first half. However, the commotion could have been prevented because peers are separated by each.

The second half continued the more heat for both. The peak occurred in the final minute of the match. Both of them had involved frictions. Shortly before the game ended, the camera caught off his Deyverson spit in the direction of Godin, right on his face.

Uruguay international defender is not received with the action. He then retaliated by releasing spit in the direction of Deyverson. This makes the back strain occurs. Until at last the two teams went into the locker room.

Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

Cillessen Call Barcelona Players Achieved Important Results in Anoeta

Barcelona Players Squad - The Barcelona goalkeeper, Jasper Cillessen says that his team has gained a very important results in their away trip to Real Sociedad, Anoeta, Friday (20/1) early Sunday.

At those games, Barcelona ended the curse never won there since 2007. A single goal from Xavi could put an end to the bad record of Past and into the capital to welcome the second leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinal at Camp Nou next weekend.

"We've been playing well and getting results is very important," said Cillessen as reported by the official website of the Club.

This weekend, Barcelona will face a host of Eibar in the La Liga, advanced Monday (23/1) in the early hours. Barcelona are expected to prevail for the sake of chasing Real Madrid's position is on top of the table in the meantime.

Bacelona, midfielder Sergio Busquets was satisfied with the match against Real Sociedad. Barcelona won 1-0 victory in the first leg match of the quarterfinals that the Copa del Rey.

This is the first victory earned Barca in Anoeta since 2007. Busquets is satisfied not only because it could break the negative streak at Anoeta, but also because Barcelona could grab a victory with a nice game.

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"We've had many years of no victory here. Today we not only win, but we also show good game. This team's been playing solid defense to assault, from "bright Busquets told Marca.

Busquets was aware that these results are not yet final. Barcelona still have to maintain their advantage in the second leg which will be held next weekend at Camp Nou.

"The victory 1-0 this gives us the advantage. Barcelona Squad Players But Real Sociedad are a quality team and in the last few years, we have often difficulties overcome them. Indeed the better we can achieve positive results against Sociedad did not feel it.